Explanation of viewer settings.


The viewer allows you to display geometry. The geometry can be output by the model or it can be a static object.

With the Viewer you can,

The viewer displays geometric objects within a scene according to various settings, defined in BasicSettings. These can be changed to achieve different visual outcomes.


Within the BasicSettings, different scene settings can be defined:

  • The size defines the size of the scene. The geometry should fit within a cube of these dimensions. The size is set to 100 by default but it can be adjusted under the BasicSettings based on your geometries’ bounding box size.
  • The grid can enabled to display a square grid on the ground plane centered at (0,0,0).
  • The axes can be enabled to display x,y and z axes in the viewer.
  • The fog can be enabled to make the grid look like it disappears into the fog in the distance (if applicable). It doesn’t affect the objects in your scene.
  • The shadows can be enabled so that objects in your scene will cast shadows on the ground plane. The light casting the shadows comes from the North-East direction by default.

💡 The size of the axes and fog are proportionally dependent on the size setting.

Please note that the default view of the scene is set to be from the South-East direction. And your geometry should be centered at the (0,0,0), for the best user experience.

Below is the configuration example with default BasicSettings. (Note that some content has been omitted.)

kind: Viewer
settings: # OPTIONAL
  kind: BasicSettings
  size: 100
  grid: false
  axes: false
  fog: false
  shadows: false


See the viewerConfig schema docs for more information.