Step 4: Log in to Packhunt

A tutorial on how to log in to your Packhunt account.


In order to be able to upload your files to Packhunt, you need to log in with the CLI.


Before you start make sure:

If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up at

1. Go to your profile

  • Copy your API key by using Ctrl-C.

2. Log in

  • In the VSCode terminal, execute ph login
  • When asked, select I have an API key and hit return.
  • When requested, paste your copied API key by right-clicking in the terminal.
  • You should see the text: Successfully logged in ...

3. Verify log in

To check if you are logged in successfully:

  • Type ph whoami in the terminal.
  • Run the command.
  • It should return Currently logged in as: ... followed by your email address.

💡 If you are getting the “Unable to login with the API key.” message, make sure your firewall isn’t blocking our APIs.

The following URLs may need to be safelisted.

  • To download the CLI:
  • To access schemas:
  • Our API:
  • Our app:

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