Packhunt Workbench

Documentation for Packhunt Workbench

With the Packhunt Workbench, you can configure more advanced solutions with custom layouts.

In the first version of the Packhunt Workbench, the number of features is still limited. We are continuously expanding the configuration language to expose more features in the Packhunt platform. This will give you the ability to create more powerful solutions (and templates in the future).

🆕 This is an Alpha version of the Packhunt Configuration Language. The language may change. Share your ideas by filling this feedback survey (~2 minutes), to help us improve the Workbench.

Get Started with Workbench

Follow the tutorials below to get started with Packhunt Workbench.


Explanation of the Packhunt Workbench Fundamentals.

How-to Guides

How-to guides for using Packhunt Workbench.

Example files

Tutorials for getting started with Packhunt Workbench.


Documentation for the objects defined in the Packhunt configuration language schema.

Release Notes

Release notes for the configuration schema and CLI.