Rhino Grasshopper plugins

A list of supported Rhino Grasshopper plugins.


Packhunt supports the Rhino Rhino Grasshopper solver. Rhino Grasshopper supports a wide set of plugins. See the food4rhino website for a list of plugins.

If you are going to upload a Rhino Grasshopper file to Packhunt, then you need to make sure that your file only contains components from Packhunt-supported plugins. One of the supported plugins is of course the Packhunt Rhino Grasshopper plugin. Packhunt also supports various other third-party plugins.

If there is a plugin that you would like to use but that is not yet supported, please contact info@packhunt.io.

Packhunt Rhino Grasshopper plugin

Third-party Rhino Grasshopper plugins

The third-party plugins that are currently supported in Packhunt are listed below.

💡 Please note that we haven’t officially tested all the features in these plugins, nor are we responsible for their performance.

Bowerbird Rhino Grasshopper plugin

Bowerbird Version: 2.8.0

Clipper Rhino Grasshopper plugin

Clipper Version: 0.3.2

ggRhinoIFC Rhino Grasshopper plugin

ggRhinoIFC Version: 1.7.57

Kangaroo Rhino Grasshopper plugin

Kangaroo Version: 2.5.3

Karamba3D Grasshopper plugin

Karamba3D Version:

Pufferfish Rhino Grasshopper plugin

Pufferfish Version: