Supported Rhino/Grasshopper geometry

An overview of the supported Rhino/Grasshopper geometry types.


Packhunt supports the Rhino/Grasshopper solver.

In your Rhino/Grasshopper definition:

  • You can output geometry using the Packhunt output component.
  • Each geometry type should be using a different output component. (i.e. Don’t mix geometry types in a single output.)

Packhunt supports all Rhino/Grasshopper geometry types except SubD geometry.

  • For surface geometry (including both NURBS surfaces and BReps), materials can be assigned in Grasshopper using the Packhunt Assign Material component.
  • For line geometry (including lines, polylines, curves, arcs, circles and ellipses), a default black material is assigned. This default material can currently not be changed.

Packhunt also has additional object types for specific use cases.

Below is additional information about certain geometry and object types.

More information


Rhino/Grasshopper Curves


Rhino/Grasshopper Surfaces


Rhino/Grasshopper Meshes

Boxes and Rectangles

Rhino/Grasshopper Boxes and Rectangles

Line Dimension

Packhunt Rhino/Grasshopper Line Dimension