How to display dimensions

A how-to guide for displaying dimensions.


Would you like to display dimensions to communicate the size of your geometry? Then add dimensions to your solution by following these steps.

1. Create a Rhino Grasshopper model with dimensions

  • Create a model for your solution.
  • Define the line(s) that should be annotated with their dimensions in Grasshopper.
  • Connect the lines to the Line dimension component.
  • Connect the Line dimension component to the Data Output component to display the dimensions.

For a simple example see this model of a box below.

💡 Move the lines further from the geometry to display the dimensions visibly.

2. Upload your model to Packhunt

  • Create a new project and give it a title.
  • Select the right template for your solution.
  • Upload your Grasshopper model.
  • Add your materials and set their colours.
  • Save settings.
  • Deploy your solution.

The solution should have a dimension line in the viewer as shown below: