Block: Image

An Image block for configuring an image to be displayed in the user interface.


An Image block is used for configuring an image, to be displayed within a frame. The image resizes itself to fit inside its parent container while maintaining the aspect ratio.

When configuring a solution, images are typically saved in an “assets” folder within the solution folder. See the assetsPath property of the Solution object for more information.

In order to minimize the sizes of the image files, it is advisable to resize the images to be as close to their target size as possible. Images in JPG format also tend to be smaller than PNG.


Below is an example configuration.

  kind: Router
    - frame: home-frame
    kind: Frame
        kind: Image
        path: assets/my-image.png


Name Type Required Description
kind "Image" Yes Image
path string No The path to an image file, relative to the solution folder
subscribe List<ImageModelSubscription> No A list of objects for subscribing the Image block to other blocks.


An object for configuring a subscription from an Image block to a Model block. The subscription allows the image path to be updated based on the output from a Grasshopper model.

Name Type Required Description
kind "Model" Yes A constant, Model.
frame string Yes A string specifying the name of the frame in which the Model is located.
source string Yes A string specifying the name of the Model.
setImagePath string Yes A string specifying a name of a Packhunt Data Output component in the Grasshopper model that outputs the image path.