Defines the structure of a project.


A template defines the structure of a project. With the chosen template, users can customize the template inputs in the studio. When all necessary settings have been provided, the project can be deployed.


Packhunt provides a set of example templates that are available to all users.

Basic template
With the “Basic template”, Studio users can create a solution with a viewer on the left and a form with inputs and text outputs on the right. The text outputs can also be success, danger and warning messages with preset colours. In addition, studio users can add headers and descriptions with this template.

💡 The Text Output component can be used to output text results.

Other templates
In addition to the “Basic template”, there are other available templates:

  • “Technical template”,
  • “Product template”

These have the same features as the “Basic template” but their viewer settings differ. See the table below for differentiation.

Basic template Technical template Product template
Grid - :check_mark: -
Ground plane - - :check_mark:
Ground plane
- - :check_mark:
Scene fog - - :check_mark: