Blocked Grasshopper components

A list of blocked Rhino Grasshopper components.

The Grasshopper components listed below are blocked for security reasons. Models containing these components won’t run on Packhunt.

Params -> Geometry
Geometry Cache

Params -> Input
Import Image, Import SHP, Import Coordinates, Import PDB, Import 3DM, Read file, Button

Params -> Util
Data Input, Data Output, Data Dam, Data Recorder, Trigger, Context Bake, Context Print, Get Boolean, Get Geometry, Get Line, Get Point, Get File Path, Get Integer, Get Number, Get String, Galapagos

BouncySolver, Soft & Hard Solver, Solver, StepSolver, Grab, DotDisplay

Export Model to DStV, Export Model to JSON/BSON, Import Model from JSON/BSON

Maths -> Script
C# Script, VB Script

💡 To run the model on Packhunt, you need to remove the blocked components from the Grasshopper definition and upload the file again.

Restricted Grasshopper Components

Maths -> Script
GH Python Script
To ensure the platform’s security GHPython can only be used for Workbench solutions after review and approval.

To run models containing GH Python scripting components on Packhunt:

  • Only users with paid accounts are able to run Grasshopper models containing GH Python script components.
  • Users need to submit their scripts for review and approval by Packhunt staff by sending an email to
  • Any subsequent changes to any of the scripts will need to be re-reviewed and re-approved.