How to invite another user to an organisation

A how-to guide for adding other users to your organisation.


Would you like to collaborate on a project with colleagues? Then invite other users to your organisation by following these steps.

1. Invite users

Once you’ve created an organisation you can add other users to your new organisation.

  • Find and open your organisation.
  • Click on “Members” in the left navigation bar.
  • Click on the “New member” button.
  • Enter the username of the person you want to invite - as mentioned above, the person you want to invite must have a Packhunt account.
  • Choose a role that fits the user’s responsibilities within your organisation.
  • Click Send invite.

2. Check the invitation status

Check if the invitee has accepted their invitation.

  • Find and open the organisation to which you invited a user.
  • Click on “Pending invites” in the left navigation bar to see outstanding invitations.
  • Click on “Members” to see current members of the organisation (all roles).
  • Continue once the invitee has accepted their invitation to your organisation.

Next Steps

Once users accepted their organisation invitation you can create more projects and share them within your new organisation.