Reference documentation.

The references section gives detailed descriptions of different parts of Packhunt.

Packhunt Grasshopper components

A list of Rhino Grasshopper components in the Packhunt plugin.

Blocked Grasshopper components

A list of blocked Rhino Grasshopper components.

Supported Rhino/Grasshopper geometry

An overview of the supported Rhino/Grasshopper geometry types.


The main entity in Packhunt which hosts other entities such as projects, templates, members etc.


Allows studio users to edit and deploy a solution.

Rhino Grasshopper

The Rhino Grasshopper solver.

Rhino Grasshopper plugins

A list of supported Rhino Grasshopper plugins.


The website resulting from a deployed project.


Defines the structure of a project.

VSCode tips

Tips on how to use the auto-complete for the Packhunt Workbench in VS Code.