Explanation on the datastore.


The DataStore allows you to share data between entities.

  • A datastore can save data by subscribing to entities, such as control panels and popup forms.
  • Entities, such as models, can fetch data by subscribing to the data store.

💡 The entities interacting with the data store can either be in the same or different frames.

With the DataStore you can,

❗ To use values from the DataStore to run the Model, the initial values for all the model inputs should be defined in the datastore. If you have one or more control panels, then the initial values also have to be defined in those panels.

Below is the configuration example. (Note that some content has been omitted.)

    kind: DataStore
        my-input-1: 10
        my-input-2: 20
        my-input-3: 30
      subscribe: # OPTIONAL
        - kind: ControlPanel
          frame: my-home-frame
          source: my-control-panel


See the dataStoreConfig schema docs for more information.