# Subscribe a control panel to a model
kind: Model
frame: my-home-frame  
source: my-model
setOutputs: # OPTIONAL
    type: setText
    type: setTable        
disableControls: true # OPTIONAL

Object properties

Name Type Required
kind Constant: Model yes
frame string yes
source string yes
setOutputs Dictionary no
disableControls boolean no

Object information

  • Object with the following properties:
    • kind (required): Constant Model
      • Subscribe to the results of a model to present them to the user.
    • frame (required): string
      • The frame name that the model you wish to subscribe to lives
    • source (required): string
      • The model name to use as a source. This is the same name as used in your contents
    • setOutputs (optional):
      • Define which outputs to set on the panel controls. Note that the model output name must match the control names defined here
      • Dictionary of:
        • One of the following types:
          • Object with the following properties:
            • type (required): Constant setText
          • Object with the following properties:
            • type (required): Constant setTable
    • disableControls (optional): boolean
      • Disable the controls while model is solving. Default is true