kind: Router
routes: # OPTIONAL
  frame: my-home-frame # routerLink is /my-home-frame
    - frame: my-child-frame1 # routerLink is /my-home-frame/my-child-frame1
    - frame: my-child-frame2 # routerLink is /my-home-frame/my-child-frame2
    - frame: my-child-frame3 # routerLink is /my-home-frame/my-child-frame3

Object properties

Name Type Required
kind Constant: Router yes
routes Array no

Object information

  • Object with the following properties:
    • kind (required): Constant Router
      • The router can be used to navigate between frames in the solution
    • routes (optional):
      • List of frames
      • Array of:
        • Object with the following properties:
          • frame (required): string
            • The frame to which you want to route
          • children (optional): array
            • Children are used to define sub-routes