kind: Model
triggerSolveOn: [my-value1, my-value2] # OPTIONAL
subscribe: # OPTIONAL
  - kind: ControlPanel
    frame: my-home-frame
    source: my-control-panel
  - kind: DataStore
    frame: my-home-frame
    source: my-datastore
  - kind: PopupForm
    frame: my-home-frame
    source: my-popup-form

Object properties

Name Type Required
kind Constant: Model yes
modelFile string yes
subscribe Array no
triggerSolveOn Array no

Object information

  • The Model controls a parametric model
  • Object with the following properties:
    • kind (required): Constant Model
    • modelFile (required): string
      • A relative path to a valid model file, for Grasshopper models use binary format files (.gh). The file name can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and dashes
    • subscribe (optional):
    • triggerSolveOn (optional):
      • The model solve will only trigger when these specified inputs change
      • Array of:
        • string