kind: Match
control: my-control
  - value: 123
      - kind: Color
        label: Red
        value: red
        color: [222, 0, 0]
      - kind: Color
        label: Green
        value: green
        color: [0, 255, 0]

Object properties

Name Type Required
kind Constant: Match yes
control string yes
matchValues Array yes

Object information

  • Object with the following properties:
    • kind (required): Constant Match
      • Match is used to match the control value with the provided choices
    • control (required): string
      • The control name to match a choice against its value
    • matchValues (required):
      • The list of values to be matched with
      • Array of:
        • Object with the following properties:
          • value (required): string
            • Value of the source, on which the choices will be updated
          • choices (required):