kind: TextInput
label: My Label
value: Some value # OPTIONAL
placeholder: Enter the value # OPTIONAL
disableWhen: # OPTIONAL
  kind: Equal
  control: my-other-control1
  value: 1
hideWhen: # OPTIONAL
  kind: Falsy
  control: my-other-control2

Object properties

Name Type Required
kind Constant: TextInput yes
label string yes
value string no
placeholder string no
disableWhen One of no
hideWhen One of no

Object information

  • Object with the following properties:
    • kind (required): Constant TextInput
      • TextInput is used to input text
    • label (required): string
      • The label of the text input
    • value (optional): string
      • Optionally define the value of the text input
    • placeholder (optional): string
      • Optionally display a placeholder when the value is empty
    • disableWhen (optional):
    • hideWhen (optional):